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New Live Album!!

I have a new live album, 6-19-22, out bandcamp, Spotify and all the other streaming services. It was recorded with my band, Eddie Dunlap on drums and Matt Hansen on keyboards and bass, last summer at MASS before they closed (RIP). I love live albums, and the sound of a band playing live. I like the idea that you are capturing a snapshot of something in motion that will never really be the same again, perhaps like photographing a river. In this snapshot my band is clawing out of the recent pandemic with a batch of lonely songs from my 2020 album Panorama Avenue. We are playing an upcoming single, Toward the Sun (released in August 2022) for the first time live. We also pull a gem from the "Dead Horses" album and completely reimagine my song Be a Cat (from the Captives of Sense album). I usually prefer to focus on future projects than dwell too long in the past. But, I knew if I didn't release this now it would end up in the archive with many other recordings, and I likely wouldn't think about it for at least twenty years. I think it makes a nice bookend on what I see as the Panorama Avenue chapter as I get ready to record my next album. Special thanks to Mark Randall for the assistance that night, and to MASS for making a place for things like this. I hope you enjoy it!

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