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Excited for the future!

I admit I've been terrible about updating this section of the website. There is so much activity behind the scenes, I hope to be updating this page with more regularity. The biggest news is that I've been booking a tour from Fort Worth to L.A. for the month of June. Check out the upcoming dates on the "shows" page! I've also been busy at work in my studio where I work as a freelance recording engineer, recording and mixing track for several great artists. I'll share links to some of these as they come out. In addition to this I've been working on a pair of "Clint Niosi" singles that if all goes well will come out over summer 2022. I have one more big slice of personal news that I need to keep under my hat for a bit longer, but it's very good! I hope you are well out there. Stay tuned for more...

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