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Weird times, but ever onward...

I hope everyone is safe out there during these weird times. I've been spending most of my time in the backyard studio, and I'm happy to say that my fifth studio album is nearly finished. Stay tuned for updates including a website revamp very soon. In the meantime, if you haven't already check out the recently released "Self-Quarantine a Collection of Recordings for the Greater Good”, do yourself a favor and grab a copy. The compilation has already raised over $1k for the charity Feeding America, and it's a great collection of songs. Not to mention it features a new track of mine "Automaton". Hear more at the link here: .

If you are itching for some live music, every Saturday evening at 10 pm (at least until the pandemic passes) I've been doing livestreams from my studio. You can catch it on my personal facebook page, the Clint Niosi facebook music page...or if you are not into facebook (and who can blame you) you can watch past and future episodes at and .

Thank you for your support, and stay tuned for more on the way in 2020!

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