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New Album Out...And Award Nominations In!

I'm very happy to report that Frosty, the album of my wife Claire Hecko's songs that we recorded together, is up for a total of four FW Weekly Music Award Nominations. "Album of the Year", "Artist of the Year", "Song of the Year" for Rabbit Moon, and "Avant Garde/Experimental". There is also a Clint Niosi nomination for "Folk/Acoustic/Singer Songwriter". We are extremely grateful to the FW Weekly for all of their support! It really puts some wind in our sails! Vote in the FW Weekly Music Awards HERE.

In the news...the new album Daedalum is out!! Also in the FW Weekly just last week is a brief review of the new record that you can read here.

Daedaulum Album Cover by Devon Nowlin

Stream or purchase your copy of Daedalum here.

The full band and I will be performing at the Twilite Lounge on Sunday July 24th as part of the FW Weekly Music Awards Showcase. We are on at 6 following our friends in Mañana Cowboy (so come early!).

Speaking of Mañana Cowboy...their debut album, produced by yours truly, is out now on Dreamy Life Records!! Stream or purchase your copy of Dia Tree here!

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