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Frosty makes two top 10 year end lists!

November of 2017 finally saw the release of "Frosty"...a collection of songs written by my wife Claire Hecko. Claire and I spent quite a while working on Frosty (it was a real labor of love) and it's been a great joy see a positive reception to the material. "Frosty" landed at the number 3 spot on FW Weekly Top Local Albums of 2017. The next week "Shell" landed in the #4 spot for Top Ten Local Songs of 2017. It's an honor to be listed among such other great local artists. We've been kicking around the idea of doing some live shows later this year. We know that if we do it, we are going to it right...or not do it at all. That would mean adding more string players and a drummer. I'm of course on board as guitarist :) . I'll let you know when I know more.

You can stream Frosty and/or order the album on limited edition cassette here:

Here are some links to the what FW Weekly had to say about the album:

Claire Hecko's Sonic Journey

Top 10 Local Albums of 2017

Top 10 Local Songs of 2017

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