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Things are looking up...and busy...

There is quite a bit keeping me musically busy these days. I'm almost not sure where to start. I've recently released a digital compilation of short film scores that I recorded in 2016. While the work varies in tone I thought a compilation would be the best presentation of the scores...and I'm very proud of the work. You can take a listen for yourself here: Demo Reel: Music for Short Films.

Also on the subject of scores, Claire and I were recently commissioned by the Dallas Museum of Art to create a series on "mini scores" to accompany paintings from the permanent collection. It was a fun and challenging project! You can read more about that here: DMA Uncrated and here: DMA Uncrated .

Since my last update Claire Hecko and I finished working on her album project "Frosty". She wrote all of the songs on the album and provided the vocals, bass and viola. I played the guitar, drums and keyboard and also engineered and mixed the album. I'm biased in several ways about the project, but I think it's something really special. We are now just weighing our options for the release, but we hope to get it out there soon.

I'm also happy to report that the songs for my fourth solo album have been written. My current band consists of Eddie Dunlap on drums, Joe Rogers on keys, and Claire Hecko on bass and viola. We are trying something different this time around and going out and performing the whole set of new material around north Texas. I thought this would be the best way to really get a feel for the songs before cutting the next album. My hope is that this will be a 2018 release. Catch our next show in Dallas on May 12th at Full City Rooster! Here is a link to the facebook event page: Full City Rooster!

On the topic of recording, I've been acting as producer for the Fort Worth band Mañana Cowboy. It's been a great experience from my perspective, and I'm doing all I can to make sure they have a fantastic debut album! Be sure to check out Mañana Cowboy when you get a chance. I've also launched the website for my audio service "Orange Otter Audio". If you are unsatisfied with your current recordings, keep me in mind: Orange Otter Audio.

Last but certainly not least...I'm currently booking a solo tour of the Midwest for this summer. While I currently live in Fort Worth, my family moved to Texas from Minnesota when I was 13. Over the years the Minneapolis area has become my "second home". Much of my extended family is there and I love the great music that comes out of the city. I've tried to make a point of playing there at least once a year. This time around I thought a Midwest tour would be great (my last Midwest tour was in 2008 in the dead of winter...but that's another story)! I'll be heading up to Chicago and even as far north as Duluth before working my way back down to Texas. Check back soon for a full list of dates!

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